The Can I email Embed

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Made by @HTeuMeuLeu. Inspired by @IreAderinokun’s CanIUse Embed.


The Can I email embed can be used either as an interactive embed or as a live image. Each embed is hosted on Netlify and updated with every new commit to the Can I email repository on GitHub.

Interactive Embed

The interactive embed will show support for the feature in all the latest version of each email clients tested on Can I email. The interactive embed uses an <iframe>. It is built to be lightweight (less than 60 Kb total, 15 Kb gzipped), performant (only three HTTPS requests, with a loading="lazy" attribute on the <iframe> itself) and responsive.

Live Image

The live image embed will show a summary view of the support for the feature in the six first email clients families. It is ideal to embed Can I email data where iframes are not supported, like in Slack, in a reply on Stack Overflow or even in an HTML email. Each image should weight less than 40 Kb.

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